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Breathwork – Breathing in everyday life


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Breathwork –  Breathing in everyday life

Breathwork – Breathing in everyday life

17. september 2018@10:00-14:00
0,- - 4800,-
Elisabeth Finocchiaro & Lars Leknes
Breathwork -  Breathing in everyday life

We are constantly breathing, but the way we do it will effect our lives tremodously! Learning conscious breathing techniques for everyday.


Schedule for all events:

Weds 12th Kl. 18.00- 20.00 – Free Welcome Event
An open event where you can meet dan, buy his book ‘Just Breathe’ and get it signed, enjoy some snacks, tea and get a taste of what the next week will hold.

Thurs 13th Kl. 17.30 – 21.30 – Breathing into Relationships
We are always dealing with relating. How do we breath in meeting others, ourselves and life.

– 3 Day Fundamental Course –
Friday 14th Kl. 17.30 – 21.30
Saturday 15th Kl- 10.00 – 19.00
Sunday 16th Kl- 10.00 – 19.00

The Breath Mastery Fundamentals Program is for those who are seeking to catapult themselves to the next level. You will learn the tools that have changed countless lives, but ultimately you have to choose to practice and integrate the exercises, techniques and protocols into your own life.

We will serve coffee, tea, light snacks and fruit.

Mon 17th Kl. 10.00 – 14.00 – Breathing into Everyday
We are constantly breathing, but not so often consciously breathing. Tips, training and creating a daily practice for everyday life.

Mon 17th Kl. 17.30 – 21.30 – Breathwork for Trauma Release
How to use our body’s natural mecansim, breath, to heal stress related symptoms and post traumatic stress.

Tues 18th Kl. 10.00 – 14.00 – Re-pattern the Mind Body System
Our breath patterns are directly linked to our mental patters. Find out how to use your breath as a tool to repattern old systems and gain more control of the emotional body.

Tues 18th Kl. 17.30 – 21.30 – Spiritual Breath
When we breath consciously we are connecting to something bigger than us.

Weds 19th Kl. 18.00 – 22.00 – Breathing for Inner Healing
*In Tysnes!* Breath for holistic wellbeing, inner healing and self love.

Price pr seminar – 1200,-
Price for 3 Day fundamental – 4800,-
Tickets / registration with link above – Vipps, Card & Cash.

Hosted by Elisabeth Finocchiaro and Lars Leknes Auran in cooperation with Bergen Stressmestringssenter

Wonder about the events or practitioner program? email – efinocchiaro@hotmail.com

Warmly welcome!