Heartdance – dropping deeper

How close are we to our own soul? How naked and truthful do we dare to be in front of others, and ourselves?
And what happens if we simply let go?
We operate on so many levels in our lives, but how much time do we spend at the core, in the essential? The deeper we move – the more connected and meaningful we can experience life!
Sometimes we are afraid to move deeper inside of ourselves, as we may face pain and uncomfortable truths… but our hearts long to be wide open… It longs to to be free and joyful, unprotected and true!

Welcome to explore this dropping into your depths ♥
No previous experience is needed to join.

Prices: 200,- / student: 160,- / klippekort
First class: 50,-

Warm love, Elin Ambika Haugen


Om Heartdance

It´s about being happy!

HeartDance is practicing free dance and guided movement as a way to reconnect – naturally and joyfully with our bodies and hearts.

As we explore and move with the sensations and rhythms in our body, we open it, strenghten and develop its´ creativity and flexibility.
We get in touch with the stuff inside, play with it and express it.
We find our center and learn to move from it.
We experience ourselves as energy, as space, as freedom, we stimulate the body’s ability to sense and experience, and so becoming more sensitive and conscious.
Enjoying and celebrating ourselves, we let ourselves play, let go of controlling, and surrender to the impulses of the body – allowing it to express itself freely, and unashamed.
We find our center and learn to move from it and within it, expressing our truths and learning to meet others from an open and loving space.
Dancing naturally loosens us up and expands us into more joy. We move, soft, sensitive, raw and dynamic!
We breathe and expand, we twist and twirl, we float, spiral, spin, grin, roll ,and stretch, and relax into silent spaces.
We dance, without steps or chorography, without worrying if we´re doing it right or wrong, moving, without judging, intuitively and with curiosity towards our own being. HeartDance combines elements, exercises and techniques from different movement and mediation practices, emphasizing the passion and pure pleasure of dance!

You don´t need any previous dancing experience to join, you just need a body!

Welcome to the dance floor at Ametysten in Chr. Michelsensgt 3, 2nd floor!

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