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Laughter Yoga
Laughter yoga is a concept that combine laughter exercises with yoga breathing. That is why it is a type of yoga, although it does not include properly Asanas (yoga postures).
Laughter yoga was started by the Indian doctor Madan Kataria in 1995 after he realize that it has been scientifically proved that the body cannot distinguish between false and true laughter. That is why we can get the same physiological health benefits, regardless of whether laughter is true or not.
Laughter is a fabulous tool when one wish to release tension in the body and wants to increase the happiness hormones (serotonin, dopamine and endorphins).
The breathing exercises causes that the body and the brain get more oxygen, which increases the energy levels and contribute to the good health.
In Laughter yoga, we use the imagination, eye contact and a childish playfulness attitude. That is why this is an activity where kids can participate too.

One Saturday each month 11.30-13.00,  starting 25. august
Ametysten – Stedet for vekst i sentrum, Chr. Michelsensgt 1-3, 5012 Bergen
Price: Proposed donation 50-100,-
It is our wish that this shall reach the people who wants and need this, so we do not want to set a fixed price. We have bills to pay, but if money is an issue, come anyway and pay it forward with a smile or a service when someone else is in need.

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