Men’s Night – Tantraweek


Men’s Night – Tantraweek

Wednesday 19.30 – 22.30
Men’s evening

One of Puja’s strong capacities is guiding men and women to the high quality life they deeply desire to live.
She works intensely with men and woman all over the world on coming back deeper in to their rested embodied power, instead of will power, into their hearts & out of  their minds, connected to their balls or wombs as the core of their powerful essence, and into their deep capacity to feel fully alive and able to connect deeply. Even and especially when sometimes the dynamics between men and women, whether in a love relationship or at work or in friendships, can cause conflictuous situations that keep repeating themselves.

Men and women are both feeling they could come back to love deeper, more often and with more ease.
And  men, just like women, have their own ways and reasons to shut down more than they would like. Even though we all desire to be met in and with Love.
But how to open up or wider again?
If you feel you’re already doing the best you can? If you feel it is better to just cut off instead of  taking the space your love needs? Become more juicy instead of more dry. More clear instead of hazy. More intimate instead of  thinking that it’s not getting any better. Dropping deeper in trust & truth instead of  keeping things shallow.

It all starts with being  a man amongst men, woman amongst women. Your own tribe. Where there is realness, openness, vulnerability, empowerment, to serve and support with best intentions your own deeper intentions. From a place of  brotherhood and sisterhood.
We will look into what is your side and gift. Bringing compassion to all sides needed. What has held you back, and feels now being called back in? To come more beyond friction and live more in the love that you want to live in.

An evening just for men amongst men.
Where we can drop deeper.
Puja is a master in supporting both men and women with a strong and tender holding taking away the veils where we so love to look behind.

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 Open: april 24, 2019
 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
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