There is no doubt that a generally positive mindset and an optimistic outlook on life makes life easier and brighter. You see more opportunities, and less is absorbed by problems. One experiences the world as a basic good or positive place, and the people in it as well. And, thus, life is generally better to live.
But, changing thinking can in itself solve problems. Hardly. Unless the problem you are trying to solve is that you think too limiting or negative. The mindset is essentially an expression of a deeper attitude to life and experience, not what creates it. These can be your own experience, but it can also be inherited notions and the norms of society.
Trying to just change the mindset becomes like painting over a car rusting or a wall of mold. It creates a pretty surface, does nothing with the problem, and below the problem continues its unfolding.
Many have lost their lives in positive thinking. They have understood it, or have been told, that deep challenges such as illness and life situations can be arranged to think differently, and when they fail to do so, the defeat is doubled. The challenge and the disease are still there, and in addition there has been a guilty feeling because it is “one’s own fault” and that one is not good enough to turn the mind. It’s just not like that.
For those of us who work from a psychosomatic perspective, where thought, emotion and body are connected, there is little doubt that in many diseases and challenging life situations there are also psychosomatic relationships behind, but one cannot just think of them.
The conscious level of thought is just a small tip on the iceberg of the psychological processes that take place in the mind and body, and thoughts in themselves have relatively little power to create. They can set the direction of energy or action, they can create the structure we operate within, but the power of action or creation comes from the emotions. And, if the underlying feeling remains unchanged, it doesn’t help to decorate the ranks on top. In the worst case, it can actually make things worse. Creating such a slightly manic positive thought world can prevent one from getting hold of what is really underneath, because one does not allow for non-positive thoughts and emotions, and thus you have given away a golden opportunity for deep insight and change.
Now I do not mean by this that you should not grasp negative thought patterns, such as the constant negative self-talk many people are doing inside themselves. Being aware, happy to monitor a little, your mind and weed out negative self-talk and limitations is just healthy. It will be like weeding in a garden. Get rid of the weeds, so the beneficial plants get more space and nutrition. It’s just great.
What is my point here is that if something has manifested itself as a disease or a difficult life situation, then the roots are much deeper than just the conscious mind. So, you have to go from that angle to much deeper and trying to just think about it, will make the system stress. A reality on the surface, and something completely different going on.
To the extent that emotions, thoughts and attitudes manifest themselves as illness and difficulties in life, it comes from deep emotional wounds or conflicts. Deep in the subconscious. This may, as mentioned earlier, be inherited, but much of it occurs early in life when we have strong emotional experiences of life, but little cognitive understanding and frame to put it in. The instantaneous experience turns into emotional truths about life, which again forms the basis for patterns deep in the psyche. Patterns of how we behave, what we emit and what we hold. Patterns based on the experience of whether we were welcomed, felt safe and cared for, felt welcome, etc. And, if there are disturbances here, emotional wounds or conflicts, then they are buried under many different psychological strategies put in place to protect us against the pain and keep us safe. It is thus not done in a snap to just turn them into something else. Sometimes it takes time to uncover these. It must be taken into account. And, anyway, they have to meet with openness and space, not just to fix.
So, if you’ve tried to fix life by thinking positively and ending up feeling unsuccessful, please let go of that idea. If the problem you are trying to fix was so simple in the first place, it wouldn’t have made so much pain, chaos and ripple effect in your life at first.
This does not mean that it is always a long and heavy process to turn things around, it must only meet at the level it lies, not four floors above 🙂
With the best wishes for your journey in and out ..