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A center for the whole of you – body, mind, soul, life.

We are working to offer you good ways to care for yourself and your health. Natural health and good lifequality are core concepts for us.

We offer the services and its up to you to choose what ressonates with your
life and your goals. And if you feel you need our help in choosing, we will offcourse help you in finding the right offers for you,.

We offer a broad variety of natural medicine, holistic treatment, lifecoaching and psycotherapy, massasges, courses, classes and
eductaions that strengthens health and the quality of your life..

We deeply wish to make natural medicine, knowledge of body and mind, methods like yoga and meditations available to everybody, exactly where their at in their life, right now.

There is nothing you have to do, nothing you have to become, you can choose that wich supports you and enriches your life.

Our history

Ametysten – Stedet for vekst i sentrum, was founded in 2011, as an extension of Ametysten terapi – Verksted for Indre Alkymi, my practice
as a healer, therapist and teacher. The goal was to create a place for people to connect with themselves and their own ressources, and to offer treatment and therapy for body, mind and soul. In addition to myself, the center house a broad range of selfemployed therapists and teachers with different skills and special fields within health, relations, selfdevelopment and the unfolding and connections between body, mind, life and spirit.

Creating a center where the whole of you are seen as one, has been a strong motivation. A place to come to with all of you; body, mind, emotions, life, relations, spirituality, work.., and to be seen and met the way that works best for you, rigth now.

Your physical, psycological and spiritual health, are fully intertwined and your life becomes an expression of this, so it is important to be metin all of you, even though you might just want to work in one or two of the layers or areas.

Ametysten do also offer classes, workshops, open events and educations within the field of body-mind-soul and natural health. Some are offered by our own teachers at the center, and others come through external teachers and facilitators, both local, national and international teachers. The field and offerings are wide, with a strong focus on tools that enhances natural health, joy and good lifequality. You can also rent a venue for workshops or a room for treatment or therapy at our center, if you have something of value to offer that is in line with our values. We bid you warmth welcome to our center and to inspiration and nourishment .

Renate Hetlevik Andersen

Our therapists

Here you can see our therapists. Point to the image to get an icon with a link to the time order, homepages, facebook pages etc.

Renate Hetlevik Andersen
Renate Hetlevik AndersenHealer, Lifecouncelor & Teacher of body-mind-life
Owner and founder of Ametysten
Specialfield in the connections between body and mind, and how we
create our lives.
Renate works primarely through tools of conversation, embodiment and
bodyconsciousness, healing, craniosakral and guided discovery of the
inner landscapes.
She is a teacher of awareness and consciousness, meditation, yoga, tantra
and shamanism, and focuses on the inner transformation in all of her
«When we change the inside, the world around us changes
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Kjetil Andrè Jacobsen / Andrè Noah
Kjetil Andrè Jacobsen / Andrè NoahHealer & Spiritual Teacher
Kjetil Andre has a background as a personal trainer and a master in food
and nutrition from the Norwegian Sports Academy He has worked as a
fulltime healer for 10 years, and works especially with the natural flow
and how to free a person into a greater experience of freedom and
unconditional love.
Kjetil Andre facilitates beautyfully, strong group healings in addition to
individual sessions, distant healing, webcasts and spiritual retreats.
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Bente K Eilifsen
Bente K EilifsenAcupuncturist and re-connective healer
Bentes main therapy is Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, which treats
both the symptoms and the underlying causes for a condition.
She offers also earacupuncture, Qi-Terapi/lightacupuncture, cupping, moxa,
electroacupuncture and healing/The Reconnection – chosen out of what
the client needs and wants
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Gro Fadnes
Gro FadnesKinesiologist, inner process work
The two main keywords in life for Gro are responsability and choice.
Two magical words that determine how you create and live your life.
we take the time to listen to our own body as it speaks to us, we have a
far greater oportunity to get to know ourselves and become conscious of
what we need to create balance in our lives.
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Dale Ann Huxtable
Dale Ann HuxtableBowenTechnic, CranioSacral therapy, Atlascorrection, Homeopaty & Foodintolerance
Dale runs Dales Natural Health, and guides people towards natural
choices to restore health and vitality.. She has always been interested in
natural solutions that strengthens and work together with the body. She
has herself found the way out of exhaustion and burnout as an engineer
and mother, through the therapies that she is currently offering.
goal is to help her clients to reach physical, mental and emotional
wellbeing and balance.
She offers sessions both at Ametysten and in her homeclinic at Hjellestad.
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Trine Lise Kamela Stjernholm
Trine Lise Kamela StjernholmRegressionstherapist & healer
Kamela has worked with regressiontherapi since 2006, she also offers hypnosis and healing. In a regression we travel to the root or cause of the problem, and alow for the client to understand on a deep level the causes of the problem, before they get solved on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
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Elke Larsen
Elke LarsenCouple and family therapist
As a familytherapist, Elke is focused on that challenging lifesituations can’t always be avoided, but the key is how we handle them.
Through structured therpeutic conversation, she offers help to self-help, so that each person can find their own ressources and strategies.
Elke works with individuals, couples and families.
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Bianca Saupe
Bianca SaupeRessonance therapist
Bianca is the first in Bergen that offers the selfdevelopment method IoPT
(Identityoriented Psykotrauma theory og -therapy after Franz Ruppert) with identitety constellations/or ressonance processes. 
She can help you with dissolving entanglements from destructive relations and to work through traumatic events, so that you can have accsess to your full potential and your full energy. Body and mind are inseperatable in her work. She works both with individuals and in groups.
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Sonja Landro
Sonja LandroRosentherapist
«When the body remembers what you have forgotten»
A method for soft, conscious touch in combination with simple words or questions, to help you reveal and release the memories, attitudes and stories that are locked in the body.
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Irene Engelsgjerd
Irene EngelsgjerdHealer, Psycotherapist/Vegeto,& teacher
Irene hs worked as a therapist and healer for 20 years. 
She has also created Angelosmetoden and Angelosskolen, a method and a school for selfdevelopment, insight and healing.
Irene studied psykoterapi for 5 years at the Norwegian Institute for Vegetoterapi v/Bjørn Blumenthal
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Tina Pernille Paulsen
Tina Pernille PaulsenHealer
Tina is an artist and has always had strong sensitive abilities. She has worked deeply in processwork for several years, and uses a variety of tools in her meeting with people that come to her for help.
“To find the way back to your real and complete self ”, is what Tina Pernille focuses on. Clearing, crystals, classical healing and dialogue back up by clearcognizance are used as pieces of the way there.
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Unn-Anita Nergård
Unn-Anita NergårdHealer
Unn-Anita has worked intensly with healing and selfdevelopment since 2013.
She has primeraly worked Maja Raaen Hisdal, but has also taken a broad variaty of courses outside of this.
Do you wish to open yourself to move further in your life, then the door is always open, and a whole group of lightbeings are ready to help! You only need to take the initiative to open up for the help. This is what we work with, through conversation, sometimes short meditatins, but primarely through healing. The process will ofte demand a regularity, and if you continue over time, then the reward will be the greatest.
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Katrine Nordahl-Stølsnes
Katrine Nordahl-StølsnesCoach and course holder
Katrine’s focus is on life that constantly unfolds and changes. You have your answers inside you, your recipe for life and in the space created in the coaching, you can find in to these answers
Alexandra Koren
Alexandra KorenPsychotherapist in Art and Extraction Therapy, Therapeutic Tarot and Creative Life Guidance.
Alexandra is a psychotherapist in art and expression therapy. She holds a Masters Degree in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy

In addition to traditional conversation therapy and art therapy, Alexandra Therapeutic Tarot offers Shamanic AfterCare, Life Story Healing and various creative courses for individuals and businesses.

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Monica Josefine Hjelle
Monica Josefine HjelleInnerLife Therapist
Monica is an InnerLife Therapist. Since 2015 she has mainly worked with InnerLife Tantric Massaje.
Monica wants to help people get in touch with their own inner sexuality and open up the healthy, life-giving and creative power that sexual energy can provide.
Tantric massage helps you enjoy your own body and vitality. The gentle loving touch makes you slowly open up in your own heart and become more present in your own body.
“Loving touch reaches into everything in man as words can never reach”
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Teachers & facilitators

Here you can meet the teachers and fascilitators holding workshops and classes at Ametysten. These are both our own teachers, and external
teachers that teach at Ametysten on a regular basis.

Renate Hetlevik Andersen
Renate Hetlevik AndersenYin Yoga, tantra & shamanism
Owner and founder of Ametysten
Renate teaches the connections between body, mind and life. She works with tools of yoga, meditation, breathwork, embodiment, tantra and shamanism.
All of Renates work is centered around the inner transformation, the possibilities for greater selfknowledge, more flow, more juice, joy and deeper meaning.
Exploring ways to becomming more of who you really are, and through that enhance your connection to yourself, to love and to life.
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Kjetil Andrè Jacobsen / Andrè Noah
Kjetil Andrè Jacobsen / Andrè NoahHealing circles, retreats & spiritual teacher
Kjetil Andre has gone through a deep inner awakening, and is deeply dedicated to exploring and living our escense nature and our loving connection to source. Through his healing gatherings and retreat he opens a way for you to experience and explore more of who you are as an essence and eternal being. Opening up to living love, creativity and freedom.
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Bente K Eilifsen
Bente K EilifsenKundalini Meditations
Bente is our guide through Kundalini meditations, she has also practised yoga for many years, which together with her work as an acupuncturist an d re-connective healer, brings her into explorations of the enrgyflow of our body-mind. Bente is a playfull human being, that you are likely to meet in many settings at our center. She has also done groups our connection to breath and meditation.
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Irene Engelsgjerd
Irene EngelsgjerdAngelosskolen; White Light & Shamanistic evenings
Irene is an experienced therapist and workshop facilitator. She is the founder of Angelosskolen, a school for insight, personal development and healing, and she has developed Angelosmetoden, a healing method.
She is streching between the white light of our true nature in her meditations, and the deep raw force of shamanisme in her shamanistic evenings and as part of the school, and exploring the realms of humanity and relations in between, through her psycotherapeutic approaches
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Bianca Saupe
Bianca SaupeIoPT – Identety oriented Psycotrauma therapy
Bianca works through open evening events, seminar and workshops with the selfdevelopment method IoPT (Identityoriented Psykotrauma theory og -therapy after Franz Ruppert) with identitety constellations/or ressonance processes.
She is the first in Bergen to offer this method for dissolving entanglements from destructive relations and to work through traumatic evets, so that you can have accsess to your full potential and your full energy. Body and mind is inseperatable in this work. She works both with individuals and in groups.
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Monica Josefine Hjelle
Monica Josefine HjelleTantra & tantramassage
Monica has been exploring selfdevelopment for 20 years, and is trained as an InnerLife Therapist. Since 2015 she has mainly worked with InnerLife Tantric Masssage.
Monica wishes to help people to connect with their own inner sexuality and open up to more of the healthy, lifegiving and creative force that their sexual energy can give
She works with Tantric evenings & workshops, and with tantra massasge
courses for groups or couples.
“If you want to relax, just listen deeply. Feel into the connection with the
natural world. Allow for the breath to come and go. Relax your body and
explore this moment…”
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“If you want to relax, watch the clouds pass by if you’re laying on the grass, or sit in front of the creek; just doing nothing and having those still moments is what really rejuvenates the body…”