Here you will find an overview of ourtherapy and treatments sorted betheme. We have gathered them in different cathegory to make it easier to
oriantate, and so that it will be easier for you to recognize what is rightfor you right now.
Some of the therapies and treatments appear in several categories



Healing is a very comfortable treatment form, a transmission of energy and balancing the flow in the body. There are different types of healers and healing techniques, that all work a little differently, but have in common that they work wih energy to create more flow and balance, and also to create a relaxation and a deeper connection with oneself. Healing is a holistic treatment and used in holistic perspective the healer will look for an understanding in all of the clients lifesituation to locate where the reason for imbalance is and where it is most available or usefull for the client to realign and create change. Healing can also be used for selfdevelopment or more directly towards the physical level.


Life coaching

Lifecoaching is a dialoug with foundation in your needs and lifesituation. It can be dialogue alone or be combined with inner work, healing, different meditation techniques, visualization etc. Lifecoaching is about understanding you and your life. Not necessarily on only the mental level, but through giving you tools and insight into how body and mind works, and how you can restore balance, joy and surplus in your life. Life-coaching is about help finding your way and giving you the tools you need.



Naturmedisinsk behandling styrker og balanserer kropp og sinn, via naturlige substanser og kroppens egne systemer.



Vitalitet og flyt i kroppen påvirker sinn og liv. Ta vare på kroppen med naturmedisin og tilstedeværelse.



Sinnet vårt har en enorm kapasitet og utstrekning, det skaper og kan omskape hele vår opplevelse av oss selv og verden



Et lykkelig liv er et liv i tråd med deg selv og dine verdier. Finn veien til det som passer for deg