Project Description

Through breath, movement, expression and rest you can create relaxasation, increased flow, a deeper inner connection, release tension and trauma, bring out other sides of yourself.

In existing with a lot of sedentary and mental work, we need spaces where we can get into movement and move our attention from the mind to the body, from thoughts to breathing and experience relaxation and joy.

  • Understand how to create your reality.

  • Get help to uncover, and solve, patterns and emotional wounds that hinder your unfolding.

  • Find, and use, your own inner resources to create the life you want.

  • Learn how body and mind work

  • Find out your unique balance with and in life

  • Find inner peace, meaning and drive – your way

  • Get help and insight into relationships, work situation, life and health

  • Learn techniques to balance your body and mind and access the resources that lie within you.

Body and mind are inextricably linked, our physical health reflects and affects our mental, and vice versa, therefore we work in life guidance to look at all levels and to find solutions and strengthen you as a human being, where your imbalances are. Therefore, we gladly combine life guidance with other therapies to strengthen the body and mind.

Life guidance is a dialogue based on your needs and your life situation. It can consist solely of conversation, or be combined with inner work, healing and various techniques in meditation, visualization, etc.

Life guidance is about understanding you and understanding life. Not necessarily on a purely mental level, but through providing tools and insights on how the body and mind work, and how to restore balance, joy and profit in your life. Life Guide is a help to find your way and gives you the tools you […]

Information: All guidance is customized, and in line with the individual’s own belief system and value system.

Time/Amount: 60-120 min

Price: 700,- pr time